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What is the Prepared Series?

The Prepared Series is a series of one off workshops that are designed to be fun, interactive and educational for a range of different people. You might be about to travel around the world on a Gap Year, or are a Geography Teacher looking for an interesting new case study for your A Level students. Prepared Series workshops are designed with the learner at the core, so workshops are there for you to ask lots of questions.

Nisha holds an AET Level III, NUCO First Aid Instructor's Certificate, Redr Trainer of Trainer, Emergency First Responder Instructor's Certificate, and is Red Cross qualified First Aid at Work.

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Whose behind the Prepared Series?

Nisha is an aid worker who has worked extensively in East Africa with different aid, humanitarian and development agencies in complex and complicated environments. Nisha has travelled to some unlikely locations and into areas that are off the beaten track to most visitors, living in mud huts and tents, occasionally wrestling goats for her underwear! Nisha studied Anthropology in her BSc., then went on to an aid career specializing in the safety and security of staff, programs and assets. This combined with her natural curiosity, has led her to ask many complicated questions about the practical, social, environmental, religious, as well as national and regional political history of Sudan and the world’s newest country, South Sudan.

Now having returned home, let Nisha use her knowledge and (sometimes) painful personal experience, to help you prepare for similar life changing adventures. Have a look at my website and contact me for dates and prices.